What Are the Cons of Electronic Cigarettes?

Smoking has been looked upon as a health risk for the past three decades or so, and now there is a far better solution out there. Electronic cigarettes are much better in terms of overall health risks, as they completely diminish the effect that tobacco has on the lungs. Real cigarettes have a tobacco filling which is what causes several health complications in many smokers. Cigarettes not only contain tobacco, but they also contain nearly five thousands chemicals, several carcinogens and tar. An electronic cigarette does not include any of what was just mentioned, which makes it a far better alternative.

Negative Aspects of Traditional Tobacco Cigarettes

In many parts of the world, public smoking has been banned under government regulations, and this electronic cigarette could easily bypass these laws. In UK and Canada, several cities have regulations towards smoking in public spots, and electronic cigarette smoking is totally fine. Real cigarettes cause harmful second hand smoke, while electronic cigarettes submit to no second hand smoke. This is completely safe when you are with people who don’t smoke at all. What is so great about e-cigarettes is that it resembles a real cigarette in size, shape and feel. There is no real fire that needs to get the tobacco burned, so there is no risk of a fire.

What is an Electronic Cigarette?

The electronic cigarette is made in a way with nicotine additives and flavouring which would satisfy cravings. Since the nicotine satisfies your craving to get a puff, it is a completely safer alternative to smoking a tobacco filled cigarette. In terms of cost, electronic cigarettes are much cheaper than buying real cigarettes. Every pack of cigarette would cost you at least ten dollars, while six hundred puffs on an e-cigarette would only cost about thirty dollars. There are no ashes and butts left over from e-cigarettes, so it is much cleaner as well. Smoking in the car with an e-cigarette is a better solution.

Electronic Cigarette Positives

Electronic cigarettes are odourless and they leave no smell on your clothes. This would allow you to smoke at home, in the office or even in your car. As there is no odour from an e-cigarette, it is very helpful for those who don’t want the smell clinging to their clothes. The electronic cigarette is designed to substitute the physiological and physiological sensations of smoking, so you are really not losing out on anything. Some cartridges do include nicotine, but you may also choose from the option of having water. These cartridges have both flavouring and nicotine/water, so you are not getting any tobacco in your system.

What is Bad About Electronic Cigarettes?

Electronic cigarettes are not an FDA approved product at the time of this writing. As a result, consumers must rely on individual company self-reporting of testing of the quality of their products and fellow consumers reporting on their experiences with the respective brands. In limiting testing done on products with e liquid made by Chinese companies a few years ago, the FDA did find the presence of some carcinogens. Until the FDA makes a decision on how to proceed with the potential regulation of electronic cigarettes, consumers are best advised to use their best judgement, peer review, and self-reporting on electronic cigarette products. As a result, many U.S. shoppers have started turning to U.S. based e cig companies for purchases such as the South Beach Smoke e cig company to ensure a potentially higher quality product.
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