What is the Difference between Cigarettes and an Electronic Cigarette?

Since the time people starting getting a physical sensation from tobacco, cigarettes have been the next best thing to natural herbs. Millions of people smoke worldwide and a handful of them have plans on quitting. A real tobacco filled cigarette is very disadvantages towards your overall health. Cigarettes tend to cause harm to those smoking it and to those who are in the same environment. After many efforts of companies trying to come out with various antismoking products, they launched electronic cigarettes. Nicotine patches and fillers were a form of anti-smoking measure, but that had not worked for many people. When a former smoker see’s another person smoking, it increases the urge to do it themselves.

Disadvantages of Traditional Tobacco Cigarettes

Real cigarettes have a bad odour, they cause several health complications and they commit to second hand smoke. Apart from the health issues that have been present in some people, cigarettes also affect one’s appearance in a bad way. After much though, companies got into the market of creating an artificial vapour. The vapour or smoke that is expelled from the cigarette is one of the psychological benefits of smoking. When a smoker see’s that there is smoke, the brain ultimately believes that they are indeed smoking. The smoke that is expelled is harmless and odourless, which is far better than a real cigarette. There are various compartments to an electronic cigarette which makes it function as it should.

How Does an Electronic Cigarette Work?

In most cases, there are three general compartments to an e-cigarette. An electronic cigarette is made up of the atomizer chamber, battery chamber and nicotine cartridge. The cartridge sometimes may include flavour as well, as it depends on the model you have selected. This is one of the biggest differences between a real cigarette and an electronic cigarette, as everything is artificial and won’t harm your body in any way. Some people who choose to not have nicotine in the cartridge may sometimes prefer to have just water. The atomizer in the middle of the e-cigarette uses the power from the battery to create heat. The heat is what changes the glycerine based solution into vapour like smoke.

Some people who have used electronic cigarettes as opposed to real cigarettes have been warned that the nicotine may simply cause an addiction to some. The nicotine itself is used to help diminish the urge for smoking, but some people do get hooked on the sensation of smoking an electronic cigarette. Due to this reasoning, there have been new models in the market that only include flavouring and water. This is far less harmful than using an e-cigarette that contains nicotine substance according to electronic cigarette manufacturers (still pending further testing by the FDA).

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