How Do You Dispose of E-Cigarette Cartridges?

Electronic cigarettes have been in the market for the past couple of years, and they truly have gained a ton of clientele. It is basically a nicotine supplement which helps people get away from the real tobacco filled cigarettes. As opposed to smoking real cigarettes, these e-cigarettes are alleged (hasn’t been scientifically proven by the FDA so we can’t say it does) to cause less harm on one’s overall health. If you are in a public area which prohibits smoking, an electronic cigarette would still allow you to get that puff you were craving for in most areas of the world. An electronic cigarette resembles the same size, shape and sensation as a real cigarette and it has helped millions of people stay away from tobacco. A common problem that arises for vapour smoke users; however, is figuring out how to dispose of e cigarette cartridges.

How Does an E Cigarette Work?

How it works is the smoker inhales the vaporized nicotine and they exhale the smoke like vapour. The cartridge that is included in the

E Cig Cartridges

E Cig Cartridges

electronic cigarette should be disposed correctly, or else it would cause harm to children and animals that live in the home. The one good thing about electronic cigarettes is that it does not cause second hand smoke, but you should be very careful in disposing the cartridges. In order to get rid of the e-cigarette cartridge, you will need a tissue or some sort of foil.

Steps to Dispose of E Cigarette Cartridges

To begin, carefully remove the cartridge from the atomizer. The cartridge would have some nicotine left behind in it, so you need to make sure to clean it. Cleaning the nicotine cartridge is quite easy as all you have to do is run it under water. Wrap the cartridge with a thick tissue paper or foil and carefully tape the endings, so that it does not come off. Once you are done, the cartridge should not be small enough to swallow. Since it is bigger than it was before, you won’t have to worry about children or animals putting it in their mouths. You can now throw away the cartridge in the home garbage.

You can also consider using a small container to collect your disposable cartridges. Once the box is full, you can dispose of it all at once with the entire container. This sometimes makes it easier for people. One thing to remember is that, you don’t have to replace your cartridge after every refill. If you purchase e-liquid for your cartridge, you will only need to dispose of your cartridges when you feel that it has crossed an unsanitary limit. For new vapor smokers; however, refilling one’s own e liquid is not commonly done, instead relying on refill cartridges such as those supplied by South Beach Smoke.
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