How to Refill Electronic Cigarettes with E Liquid

Electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes as they are formally known are small pen like devices that resemble a real cigarette. However, as opposed to having a tobacco filled inside, an electronic cigarette has three major components that cause far less harm than a real cigarette. A battery chamber, atomizer compartment and refillable cartridge make up a tradition electronic cigarette. The only two chambers that need to be monitored are the battery chamber and refill chamber. The refill chamber contains an e-liquid which is a glycerine based substance that aids in creating that smoke like vapour you see with every puff.

When Do You Have to Refill Electronic Cigarette Cartridges

You will be required to refill or replace the e-liquid cartridge when it is either empty or when it has completely dried out due to lack of use. Cartridges are quite small and they last a bit of time, so you are really getting your money’s worth when you are buying refill solutions. A single bottle of e-liquid is usually about 30ml, which is equivalent to about six hundred drops. Each cartridge only needs about four to five drops at most due to its small and compact size. These e-liquid cartridges come in various flavours and aromas, such as Sweet Tobacco Flavour, English Aroma, Vanilla Flavour, Menthol, Strawberry and a variety of others. The refilling process is quite simple and you will get used to it.

How Can You Tell an E Cig Cartridge Is Empty?

You will know that the cartridge needs replacing when you no longer taste the nicotine or the flavouring. You may still get a vapour, but the flavouring would be completely gone. To begin, you need to pull of the cartridge from the atomizer. Sometimes, the absorbent pad inside the cartridge may get stuck to the atomizer, so make sure to push it back into the cartridge. Next, take your e-liquid solution and simply put in three or four drops into the cartridge. You could also put one drop of the e-liquid on the atomizer. Firmly press the cartridge back onto the atomizer and you are ready to start using it again. You will know if you put too much e-liquid as you will get the liquid in your mouth when you smoke it.

If you did put too much e-liquid in your cartridge, you should get rid of it and get a new one to use. One question many people have is after how many refills I should throw away my cartridge. This all depends on the overall sanitary effects on the cartridge. If you feel that it is getting a little too old to be used again, you may just want to get a new one. Cartridges are sold in packs, so you will be able to get them from any electronic cigarette supplier. There are options to purchase refilled cartridges, but it is economical to just purchase the e-liquid and do it yourself once you are an experienced e cigarette user. For consumers that do not want to mess around with refilling e cig cartridges, the South Beach Smoke company provides replacement cartridges at a discount over normal prices when signing up for monthly cartridge refill deliveries.
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